When you are involved in the academic world, it can be helpful to be able to interact with others, meet others with similar interests. Those with an education, and also with a specialty, might be interested in connecting with others who share a passion — or who can at least commiserate. With the Internet, it is possible to join an academic community that may not be available in your geographic area. You can meet others online, and forge useful contacts and professional connections. If you are looking to become involved with other educators and academics, here are 50 social sites you might consider:

Academics and Professionals

Connect with other academics as well as with professionals. Useful social networking sites that can help you find those with similar interests, and learn more about what’s out there.

  1. Pronetos: This social network is aimed at academics and professors.
  2. Academici: “Knowledge networks” aimed at those who are involved in academia.
  3. Academia.edu: Follow research, connect with other academics and learn more about publishing.
  4. PhDs.org: A great place to connect with others, find jobs, look for PhD programs and much more.
  5. Emerging Scholars: Build relationships with other scholars and academics. An interdisciplinary network aimed at helping you connect to others in various fields of study.
  6. Association of Internet Researchers: Connect with other academics using the Listserv or the wiki.
  7. Academic Commons: You can connect to other students, professors and others in academia.
  8. Academic Room: A place to connect with others interested in scholarship and learning. Find out about different subjects, and connect to others with similar academic interests.
  9. Project Bamboo: A great place to go to work with other scholars and enjoy interaction with academics.
  10. Graduate Junction: A great place for scholars and researchers to connect with each other.
  11. CampusLIVE: Aimed more at college students looking to connect at a more local level.
  12. LinkedIn: A great resource for professionals in academia. Connect with other professionals.


If you are an educator, you can benefit from joining one of the social networking sites aimed at teachers and other educators. Includes plenty of interesting online learning social networks.

  1. Glogster EDU: Connect with other teachers, collaborate with students, and encourage connection in a safe environment.
  2. Classroom 2.0: A social network for teachers and educators interested in online learning and using technology in the classroom.
  3. ASCD EDge: This is a professional networking community aimed at educators.
  4. TeachAde: Community for teachers and educators.
  5. TeachersRecess: Connect with other teachers, share stories and more.
  6. Teachers Social Network: Just what it sounds like, a place for teachers to connect.
  7. Edutopia.org: Join the educator community and get insights and ideas.
  8. Animoto for Education: Create videos that can better enlighten your students, and share them with other teachers.
  9. Edmodo: Connections with teachers and students.
  10. Wallwisher: Make announcements for students in your classes, and connect with other teachers and educators.
  11. SlideShare: You can upload presentations and share them. Share your ideas — and get ideas from others — when you use this social site.
  12. Prezi: Another presentation site that can help you connect with others.
  13. Schooltube: Connect with other teachers, and with students, using this video social networking site.
  14. Voicethread: Connect and collaborate with others.
  15. TeAch-nology: Resources, networking and more for teachers.

Specific Subjects

For those interested in specific subjects, it is possible to find a social community online. Look around, and see if you can make connections with people in your field of study our interest.

  1. Labmeeting: This is a social networking site aimed at science researchers.
  2. ResearchGATE: Connect with other researchers — and even find research partners. Great for scientists.
  3. Epernicus: Scientific academics can connect with each other and networking using this social site.
  4. Scitable: Another social networking and news site aimed at science scholars. This site is offered by Nature Education.
  5. ArchaeoSeek: If you are an archeologist, you can connect with academics, scholars and educators. A great place for this field of study.
  6. Social Science Research Network: If you are involved in the social sciences, you can connect with others using this site.
  7. BiomedExperts: A place to connect with other scientists, researchers and experts in a variety of fields. Great for academists and educators.
  8. The Student Doctor Network: Aimed at students in medical and health doctoral fields. Great place to find medical academics, scholars and educators.
  9. Geography Network: If you are interested in geography, this is a great social network. Connect with scholars and enthusiasts.
  10. Phatmath: Harvard academic started this social network aimed at helping others with math homework. Chat rooms and opportunities to connect and help others.
  11. Music Teacher Cafe: A great place for music educators to connect and share ideas.
  12. MusBook.com: If you make music, you can connect to others who share your love. Share work, theory and connect with music educators.
  13. Know ELLs: This is a social network aimed at educators who help those learning English.
  14. Teach English: Another social network aimed at connecting those who teach English. A great place for educators. It’s an invitation only network, though.

General Social Networking

It can be of benefit to educators and academics to join more general social networking sites. You can connect with students and other professionals, as well as share your passions with other members of your social circle.

  1. Facebook: You can find numerous groups devoted to scholars in specific fields. Connect with other academics and researchers, as well as share your findings with your network.
  2. Twitter: A number of groups have Twitter lists and make connections. A geology research group has a Twitter group, and other academics are available on Twitter.
  3. YouTube: You can connect with other educators and academics through video.
  4. Ning: If you are interested in creating your own community of academics on a certain subject, you can go to Ning.
  5. Meetup: Looking for educators and academics in your local area? This social networking site helps you connect in person.
  6. Friendster: You can network with others like you, and share your academic passion.
  7. Tumblr: Find academics, look for blogs on research subjects and connect.
  8. Posterous: Another social media site that can help you network with the help of blogs. Search for academic blogs in your field of interest.
  9. Ryze: Get yourself out there, and find other educators and academics. Customize your profile and expand your network.

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