When you are a grad student, things can get difficult. The quality of work you do for a graduate degree is much higher than what you did as an undergrad. You are expected to learn how to research, how to write and how to do a number of other tasks. You will be honing your skills, and learning how to better manage your time and improve your career. There is a lot to learn as you go through grad school.

If you are working on a master’s degree, or a Ph.D., you can find helpful resources to aid you as you move forward. The Internet offers a wealth of information that you can use to enhance your ability to be an effective grad student. Here are 50 great dot-edu resources that will help you get ahead as a grad student.

Study Tips

You still need to know how to study, even as a grad student. Here are some great places to find information on more effective study habits as you receive an advanced education.

  1. Study Skills Self Help Information: Virginia Tech offers some great study skill ideas.
  2. How to Study: A Brief Guide: You can learn more about effective study habits.
  3. Where to Study/How to Study: Tips on how to study, as well as finding good places to study, where it is quiet and you can concentrate.
  4. How to Study: Learn how to study effectively, and the advantages of study.
  5. How to Study: Another great resource from the University of Florida.
  6. Tips for Effective Study: Helpful hints that will improve your study abilities.
  7. Study Tips: Different techniques for better study and recall.

Research Tips and Resources

If you are trying to find idea for research, and want access to good sources of reliable information, you can check out some of these resources. Many colleges and universities offer libraries and other resources that can help you with research.

  1. Qualitative Resources on the Internet: Helpful information about what’s out there to help you research.
  2. Research Tips for Graduate Students: Information from Rutgers on the research process and more.
  3. Research and Citation Resources: Learn how to conduct research, and how to share your findings.
  4. What is Primary Research and How do I get Started?: A great resource on learning about primary research.
  5. Research Primer for New Graduate Students: Helpful information on the research process.
  6. How to Conduct Reliable Web Research: Helps you learn how to find reliable information online.
  7. Research Resources: Tips for research, writing and where to find sources.
  8. Research Resources: Different libraries (including a digital library) at the University of Colorado at Boulder.
  9. Research Resources: Great ideas on finding sources for your research.

Thesis and Dissertation Resources

As you put together a thesis or a dissertation, you might have questions about citations, how to formulate a research question, or other items. You can find helpful information about putting together a thesis or dissertation project, and how to write the documents needed.

  1. Introduction to the APA and Other Writing Tips for Graduate Students: Use this great guide to learn how to write in APA style.
  2. Writing Tips for Ph.D. Students: Excellent resource to help you write a better document.
  3. Dissertation & Thesis Writing Tips: Great ideas for getting started.
  4. Writing a Thesis or Dissertation: Maintaining your sanity as you work on your document.
  5. Dissertations: Don’t become ABD. Hints for doing what needs to be done to get your dissertation accomplished.
  6. Checklist For Revising Dissertations For Book Publication: How to turn your dissertation into a book.
  7. Guide to Writing Thesis Statements: Make sure your statement is done right.
  8. Writing Your Thesis: Suggested Strategy: Planning to write a great thesis.

Grant Writing Resources

Sometimes, as a grad student, you might need to write grants. Grant getting is part of academia, and you will need know how to write grants. These resources can help you learn how to handle grants.

  1. Grants, Funding, and Proposal Writing: Find out more about grant writing and getting funding.
  2. Research Resources: This great resource from APS offers a look at funding resources and granting agencies.
  3. Grant Proposals: Great resource on the grant writing process.
  4. Grant Funding: A Guide for Graduate Students: Learn how to go out and get that funding.
  5. Grant Writing Tips: Plenty of helpful information that can help you get the grant you are looking for.
  6. Creative Writing Grants: An interesting resource for those looking for creative writing funding.
  7. Proposal Writing Resources: Find helpful information as you write grant proposals.

Time Management Tips

Learn how to more effectively manage your time so that you can get all of your projects done on time. These resources will give you valuable tips and ideas.

  1. Managing Your Time: Learn how to meet all of your time obligations.
  2. Time Management Tips for Students: Learn to make the right plan for you.
  3. Time Management Tips: Hints for planning and working smarter.
  4. Time Management: UC Davis has a great guide to help you break it down.
  5. Time Management Tips: Helps you figure out where you are wasting time, and then helps you recover that time.
  6. Time Management Tips: Offers great tips, as well as exercises to help you practice what you are learning.

Teaching Tips and Resources

As a grad student, you are likely to be required to teach classes. You can get ideas for classes, and tips for teaching from these helpful dot-edu resources.

  1. Teaching Methods: Teaching Graduate Students: As a Ph.D. student, you might teach other grad students (usually master’s level). This tips can help.
  2. Engaging Students: Learn how to get students interested.
  3. Teaching Strategies & Disciplinary Resources: Insights and ideas for more effective teaching.
  4. Graduate Student Instructor Teaching & Resource Center: You don’t have to be at UC Berkeley to benefit from a number of resources.
  5. Teaching Resources for Graduate Students: Introduction to teaching, strategies and other helpful resources.
  6. Creating a Teaching Portfolio: Learn how to share your experience and success with others.

Career Development Resources

Use these resources to learn more about career development while you’re in grad school. You can find out more about your options, and how to make the most of your time in grad school, using these resources.

  1. Resources for Graduate Students and Post-Docs: A compilations: Some great resources from Indiana University.
  2. Graduate School 101: Tips to My Graduate Students: Helpful hints on a successful grad school career, including how to research and right, and how to ask questions.
  3. GradGuide: Columbia offers a great guide to surviving grad school, and job resources for what comes next.
  4. Career & Job Search Tips for Graduate Students: Many of the tips can be generalized for all grad students.
  5. What All New Graduate Students Must Know: Learn more about being a good grad student.
  6. Tips on How to Get a Teaching Job: Interested in a teaching job? Great tips on your career prospects.
  7. Grad students, faculty offer post-school job tips: Great ideas for finding a job when you are done with your program.

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