One of the ways that you can advance your career is to get a masters degree. This type of degree shows that you have a certain competency in your area of study. It can be a great help to your future when you have a master’s degree. A dual masters can be even more useful in some cases, offering you more flexibility, since you have showed advancement in more than one area. It can help open up your job prospects. If you are interested in becoming a graduate student and earning a masters degree, you might consider reading some blogs from students, just to learn more about what it’s like. Here are 50 great blogs by masters students:


One of the most popular masters degrees is the Masters of Business Administration (MBA). This degree prepares you to be a manager in business. If you are interested in a MBA, these blogs can provide you with insight.

  1. Wharton MBA for Executives: This great MBA blog focuses on insights from current and past students at the Wharton School. Learn about MBAs from one of the best business programs out there.
  2. Comfortably Dumb!: This business student at Darden shares her insights into business school, and any other subject that catches her fancy.
  3. One Man Band: Learn more about business school, and the quest to be a consultant from this interesting blogger with wide interests.
  4. Andrew Choi: Healthcare MBA advice from someone who knows the ins and outs of USC Marchall. Get helpful hints on applying for school and more.
  5. Berkeley MBA Student Blog: Get inside information from Berkeley MBA students. A great blog about what goes on for MBA students.
  6. The MBA Student Voice: An interesting look at being a MBA student. Students at UCLA Anderson School of Management share their insights.
  7. JulyDream: Darden business school student shares insights on life and business.
  8. Rafael Corrales: This Harvard MBA student offers first hand insights into life as a grad student.
  9. k-space: Another Harvard MBA student offers insights into management, business and being a student.
  10. Ivey MBA Blog: Learn about being a MBA student from a Canadian studying business in Asia.
  11. This Is Not About Me: Insights and information on getting a MBA from a Darden student.
  12. Inside the London MBA: Get firsthand accounts of being a MBA student from those in the London Business School MBA program.

Math and Science

If you are interested in math and science, you can proceed further. There are a number of masters degrees offered in the maths and sciences. You can also get a Professional Science Masters degree which can help you learn different science skills.

  1. Undulations: This fascinating blog is written by a physics grad student — who also belly dances.
  2. Saket Vora: Learn about life as an engineering grad student, and get great insights on the world of engineering.
  3. Graduate Blog: Get updates, information and more for math grad students at the University of Toronto.
  4. AMS Graduate Student Blog: Math masters students share their thoughts and insights into life as a math student.
  5. Survival Blog for Scientists: Get through graduate school with help from this interesting blog geared toward science masters students.
  6. Southern Fried Science: Learn about marine biology and being a student on this interesting blog by grad students.
  7. Chemistry Blog: Posts written by a wide range of chemistry students, ranging from those in the lab to masters students to PhD students and even post-docs.
  8. NCSU Masters of Financial Mathematics: A blog that offers news and information from students in financial math.
  9. chem-bla-ics: Even though this student is a post-doc, his insights remain fresh and helpful for science masters students.
  10. (x, why?): Hilarious cartoons and math related humor. Perfect for math masters students who need a break.

Humanities and Social Sciences

If you are interested in going further in subjects like history, English, political science, communications, psychology and any number of other similar social sciences and humanities, you can get a masters degree.

  1. UNL Political Science Graduate Student Blog: Those working on a masters in political science can read interesting topics from other masters students.
  2. History Graduate Students: If you are studying history, this great blog by history students working on their own graduate degrees is a great choice.
  3. รก la Rob: This history student just got a Masters, and is ready for a Ph.D.
  4. PsyBlog: This psychology researcher offers interesting insights from the University College London.
  5. The Toolbox: This English students at Fitchburg State College offer insight and humor related to English.
  6. Communication Design Blog: Follow these communication design students as they learn essentials of communication design.
  7. Lawn Gospel: This Masters of Divinity student takes you through interesting insights related to religion.
  8. The long way home: Learn about life as a Masters of Divinity student, with an emphasis on counseling.
  9. Jeff Sonderman: Received a M.S. in Journalism, and blogs about journalism and technology. Interesting insights for the journalism student.
  10. The Trent Philosophy Blog: Grad students in philosophy offer insight into the discipline.


It is possible to progress in the area of different types of arts, including painting, sculpture, music, performance, theater and more. A Master of Fine Arts degree is a possibility, as well as progressing in one particular area.

  1. MFA Blog: Learn about getting a Master of Fine Arts degree, and learn from other students.
  2. Grad Student Madness: These graduate students write about art and culture.
  3. The A.V. Club: Media, art and culture from a group of proud audio visual nerds.
  4. A Photo Student: Learn about being a photography student working toward a MFA.
  5. Chatham GRADUATE Student Blog: Different grad students offer a look at arts and more.
  6. Fashion School Daily: Learn about being a fashion masters student. An interesting look at fashion design.
  7. One Mean MFA’s Blog: This MFA student gets real about life as a grad student — and more.
  8. Fresno MFA Program in Creative Writing: Get insights, information and more about MFA programs from students and faculty at Fresno.
  9. Squint: This blog is offered through Harvard Art School and focuses on illustration.


While not exactly a masters degree, get a law degree takes about the same amount of time as some masters degrees. You can go on to get a law degree after achieving your bachelors degree. If you are interested in law, you can read these helpful blogs on being a law student.

  1. JD Law Students Blog: Students at Vermont Law School share firsthand accounts of law school.
  2. A New Kid on the Hallway: A look at law school and life as a student.
  3. First Movers: Learn about what tomorrow’s law scholars are thinking. Great insights from today’s law students.
  4. Law is Cool: Learn about law school in Canada from this law student blog and podcast.
  5. Butterflyfish: Even though this mom has finished law school, she still has great insight regarding law school.
  6. Nuts & Boalts: A great blog from the law students at Berkeley.
  7. The Frugal Law Student: Great, helpful insights on living a frugal life while attending law school.
  8. Social Media Law Student: Learn about law — with a social media twist. A must-read for law students (especially those focusing on information, privacy and intellectual property).
  9. Life of a Law Student: Insights and firsthand knowledge about life in law school.

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