Dual master degree programs can be understood as learning procedures contrary too conventional single master degree program. However, in Dual degree program a student follows learning of two subjects intermixed up with each other as to get a Dual Masters Degree. Below are mentioned some most famous dual masters degree programs.

  1. Master of Arts: This Dual degree program offers a range of degree plans that allow students to pursue subjects of their interest in history while having specific skills for having professional employment or further academic work. MA degree is provided in European, Latin American, Public and US History.
  2. Dual Masters Degree in Urban Design (M.Arch +MCRP or MS Arch/UD+MCRP): The Dual Degree in Urban Design is an intensive program of study for architects, as to provide and have in possession Master of Architecture and the Master of City and Regional Planning. This interdisciplinary program along with professional degrees in two fields creates and expanded career option.
  3. Law and business administration – JD/MBA:  The Law School and the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan offer a dual degree program that let students to follow concurrent work in Law and Business Administration.
  4. Law and chinese studies – JD/MA: The Law School and the Center for Chinese Studies offers a dual degree program that helps to have both the JD and MA degrees. While pursuing this program it takes nearly to 3.5 to 4 years of concurrent enrollment.
  5. Advanced Mba (Dual Degree) Degree: This program fulfills the need of students to have expertise in more than one area of learning. Students can have a   dual graduate degree in almost any discipline, the most common combination is an MBA degree combined with any another graduate discipline.
  6. Dual Degrees for Law Students:  Dual-degree programs let students to earn and learn two degrees program concurrently like Juris Doctor and the Master’s or PhD. Dual-degree students must fulfill entrance requirements for both schools, including the graduate school’s entrance exam (if required) and the LSAT. Some of the famous dual degree programs are Business Administration (JD/MBA), Human Development and Family Studies (JD/MA or JD/MS), Health Administration (JD/MA), Journalism (JD/MA or JD/PhD), Public Affairs (JD/MPA).
  7. Dual Degrees for Medical Students: This is the MD/PhD program for the students looking out career as in a biomedical research career. In the course curriculum of these Dual Degree programs extra years are involved into the medical curriculum as to satisfy requirements of the PhD. This is ascertained after completing the MD.PhD programs.
  8. Dual-Degree Master’s Program in Economics (Copenhagen): The Belk College of Business at UNC Charlotte and the Copenhagen Business School provides new exciting dual master’s degree program in economics.  Graduates of the program receive both an M.S. in Economics with an Economics/Finance concentration from UNC Charlotte and a M.S. in Applied Economics and Finance from Copenhagen Business School. Students in order to have this dual degree spend out one academic year at each location.
  9. Master in Business Design:  This dual master degree program at Domus Academy is provided with objective to managers in Design firms to have skills, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit as to embrace at the same time design and production, tradition and innovation, reality and vision, everyday life and future. The Master Course in Business Design arrives from the core idea that the project is the hinge and the guide of the enterprise and it aims at bringing quality within the territories of product, services and social enterprises.
  10. MBA in Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods:  This courseware is related to learning business management in the ever evolving field of fashion and luxury goods and is provided at ALMA graduate school. After having this degree a person would be far efficient in handling creativity, corporate image, and volatility while pursuing long term profitability through sound marketing strategies, efficient distribution plans, quality sourcing, etc.

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