The Ultimate Guide to Double Master’s Degree Programs

Earning more than one master’s degree is inarguably difficult, but the advantages are that you’ll get a more comprehensive education and be better prepare for a job in your desired field. Achieving this educational goal is not something one should attempt without a certain amount of planning. Make sure you know what you can expect before starting any kind of dual degree program.

Types of Double Master’s Degree Programs

As an undergraduate student, you often have enough leeway when it comes to electives that you can graduate with a two bachelors degree in whatever strikes your fancy – art and physics, communications and biology, dance and business. This allows you to get a second bachelor’s degree without additional time in school. As a master’s degree student, however, you typically don’t have as much freedom. Dual majors are typically programs that relate to one another, preparing to for a specific field. They’re offered as double degree programs by the college, and there’s often an overlap between the subjects, which allows you to graduate on time.

Dual master’s degree programs can be found in a number of fields, but some of the most common include healthcare, business, and education. Some specific double master’s degree programs you can consider include nursing/administration, administration/education, healthcare/business, engineering/business, and law/business.

Advantages to Dual Degree Programs

The main advantage to a double degree programs is that you’re tailoring your education to fit your specific career goals to better prepare yourself for job hunting. For example, if you know you want to take a leadership position in the nursing field, having a master’s degrees in both nursing and administration makes you a stronger candidate than someone who has just a degree in nursing.

Dual degree programs also cut down on the amount of time you’re in school. Most of these programs last the same length of time as a typical master’s degree program, but you’ll be earning two degrees – if you get them both separately, it will take four or more years, rather than the standard two. Remember, in the world of higher education, saving time also means saving money. If you go to school for twice as long to get all the master’s degree you want, you’ll pay twice as much in tuition and it will be twice as long before you can enter the workforce and begin earning money in your career.

Not sure what you want to do? This is yet another advantage to earning a dual degree. If you have multiple interests but aren’t sure which path to take, a dual degree allows you to get the most comprehensive education possible. Someone with a dual degree in engineering and business, for example, could go on to be just an engineer or just work in business – or the student could work in engineering management, putting both degrees to use. A single master’s degree is more limiting.

What to Expect from a Double Degree Program

Don’t make the decision to enter a dual degree program lightly – earn a single master’s degree itself is difficult, so earning a dual degree is even more difficult. In most situations, dual degree programs are offered jointly by two schools at the same college, but they can also be offered at two different colleges that have agreed to work together; this is typically the case if one college doesn’t offer master’s degree programs in a specific area that would work well as part of a dual degree. In either case, be prepared for professors in both departments to want you to make their classes and research top priority.

With a double degree program, you’ll likely be on a very specific track. There’s little room to deviate, and if you fail a class, you may be dismissed from the program or have to add summer classes in order to retake the course in time to graduate. Many students thrive with this type of structure.

Other Dual Degree Programs

Although most schools that refer to a dual master’s degree program mean that you earn two different master’s degrees at once, when some colleges advertise “dual degree programs,” they actually mean that you earn a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in a single program, usually lasting five years instead of six. There are dozens, maybe even hundreds of this kind of dual degree program in the United States, ranging from majors like occupational therapy and biochemistry to journalism and musical performance. Dual degree programs in this sense allow you to save time and money when you know you want to earn a graduate degree.

Dual Master Degrees Online

Grand Canyon University MBA + MSN Leadership Grand Canyon University › The dual degrees offered by Grand Canyon University, MBA and MS in Nursing: Leadership in Healthcare Systems and the MBA and MS in Leadership, provide an opportunity for students to learn basic business skills combined with advanced knowledge of healthcare and nursing. With a dual degree, graduates are even more competitive in the job market for management level positions.
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