When you are involved in the academic world, it can be helpful to be able to interact with others, meet others with similar interests. Those with an education, and also with a specialty, might be interested in connecting with others who share a passion — or who can at least commiserate. With the Internet, it is possible to join an academic community that may not be available in your geographic area. You can meet others online, and forge useful contacts and professional connections. If you are looking to become involved with other educators and academics, here are 50 social sites you might consider:


One of the ways that you can advance your career is to get a masters degree. This type of degree shows that you have a certain competency in your area of study. It can be a great help to your future when you have a master’s degree. A dual masters can be even more useful in some cases, offering you more flexibility, since you have showed advancement in more than one area. It can help open up your job prospects. If you are interested in becoming a graduate student and earning a masters degree, you might consider reading some blogs from students, just to learn more about what it’s like. Here are 50 great blogs by masters students: (more…)

If you want to pursue a master’s degree (or two), then you might wonder what to study. A brief search through Twitter shows that many master’s degree students are immersed in studies that bolster their interests. For some students, though, this may not be the case. Take a look through our list of 50 masters students on Twitter worth following to learn how other students merge their interests with their studies…or not…and to gain some ideas about how you want to pursue your master’s degree(s). (more…)