When you are a grad student, things can get difficult. The quality of work you do for a graduate degree is much higher than what you did as an undergrad. You are expected to learn how to research, how to write and how to do a number of other tasks. You will be honing your skills, and learning how to better manage your time and improve your career. There is a lot to learn as you go through grad school.

If you are working on a master’s degree, or a Ph.D., you can find helpful resources to aid you as you move forward. The Internet offers a wealth of information that you can use to enhance your ability to be an effective grad student. Here are 50 great dot-edu resources that will help you get ahead as a grad student.


What better place look to further your career or education than through top-rated search engines? No matter your degree (or degrees), this list of the top 25 academic search engines can appeal to specific courses or can be used for general information. As a scholar, you might want to bookmark these sites for future use. (more…)

One of the ways that you can advance your career is to get a masters degree. This type of degree shows that you have a certain competency in your area of study. It can be a great help to your future when you have a master’s degree. A dual masters can be even more useful in some cases, offering you more flexibility, since you have showed advancement in more than one area. It can help open up your job prospects. If you are interested in becoming a graduate student and earning a masters degree, you might consider reading some blogs from students, just to learn more about what it’s like. Here are 50 great blogs by masters students: (more…)

Things can get expensive when it comes to getting an education. You know that a college education is important, especially for your future potential. However, it can be hard to pay for a good education. Funding seems to shrink even as college tuition rates rise. And, of course, scholarships are competitive. But what if you could get a scholarship that fewer students were competing for? No matter your program of study, no matter your talents, there is likely a scholarship that you qualify for. Here are 33 crazy scholarships that can give you a better chance of getting the money you need for an education.