Average Salary With A Dual Masters Degree

Most people don’t bother to get even one masters degree so why would you want to go so far as to get two? Dual masters degrees give you options and benefits that you will not find with a single masters. Check out some of the reasons why people get dual masters degrees as well as what your average salary might be.


One of the biggest motivators for getting dual masters degrees is money. Once you have a single masters degree then you are already likely to be financially well off but with a second then you are even more valuable to an employer. Your employer is paying you for your job skills and expertise and a second masters doubles your knowledge base.

So how much can you earn with dual masters degrees? It largely depends on what those degrees are and what you do with them but you can expect to earn a lot. You salary is not automatically double what you would earn with one masters degree but it is likely to increase. The majority of individuals with dual masters degrees earn between $50,000 and a little over $100,000 a year.

Job Flexibility

With greater knowledge and skills comes greater responsibility. Dual masters degrees, if well chosen, can allow you to branch out in your chosen field. You can either handle two entirely different aspects of your field or you can expand upon your current duties. You may be able to merge two separate positions because you will have the educational background to take on both. Whether you are looking for new possibilities in your current position or if you are seeking a new job, dual degrees give you more options.

Pursue Multiple Interests

Another benefit of dual masters degrees is that you can pursue multiple interests. Instead of limiting yourself to one corner of your profession you can continue your studies just for the love of learning. Of course, the other benefits that come along with dual masters degrees are nice but if you truly love your field then continued study can be a reward in itself.

For dual degrees to work they have to compliment each other but it can be done. Wisely chosen dual degrees could set you up for life and could give you greater control over your career. Why would anyone get dual masters degrees? Some people are not satisfied with good benefits. They want great benefits.

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Grand Canyon University MBA + MSN Leadership Grand Canyon University › The dual degrees offered by Grand Canyon University, MBA and MS in Nursing: Leadership in Healthcare Systems and the MBA and MS in Leadership, provide an opportunity for students to learn basic business skills combined with advanced knowledge of healthcare and nursing. With a dual degree, graduates are even more competitive in the job market for management level positions.
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