All About MSN / MBA Dual Masters Degree Programs

MSN/MBA dual masters degree programs combine masters of science in nursing degrees with masters of business administration degrees. How do these two degrees work together in the real world? To see clearly how they mesh it is best to first look at them separately and only then look at where they can meet in the middle.

Masters Of Science In Nursing

A masters in science of nursing degree takes your nursing skills to the next level. It builds upon your bachelors degree education and all of the experience that you have accumulated working as a nurse with that educational level. It is the next step in educational advancement for nurses and allows you to specialize in a specific area of nursing, an area of your choosing. This masters focuses on the clinical skills that you will need to work directly with patients.

Masters Of Business Administration

A masters of business administration degree focuses on all of the skills that you will need to be successful in business. You will learn advanced skills involving the management of businesses including the financial and leadership aspects. A lot goes into running any business and a masters degree in business administration will make sure that you are prepared to handle all of it. Anyone may be able to run a business but it takes knowledge to do it well. This may seem a bit removed from the clinical skills that you use as a nurse but they are skills that can be implemented in a nursing position to make you even more effective.

How Do These Degrees Come Together?

These two degrees complement each other perfectly. A hospital or any other type of medical facility is a business. You may be in the business of helping people but you are also in the business of making money. Any concerns that apply to the running of any other business will come into play here.

That’s where the MBA comes in. And the MSN allows you to continue to work directly with patients and to understand this aspect of care. Business decisions are best when informed by what actually goes on in the business.

The MSN/MBA dual masters degree programs out there allow you to advance in the nursing field. Instead of remaining exclusively on the patient care side of things, you can take care of the more business aspects of health care as well. This allows you great job flexibility and earning potential.

Dual Master Degrees Online

Grand Canyon University MBA + MSN Leadership Grand Canyon University › The dual degrees offered by Grand Canyon University, MBA and MS in Nursing: Leadership in Healthcare Systems and the MBA and MS in Leadership, provide an opportunity for students to learn basic business skills combined with advanced knowledge of healthcare and nursing. With a dual degree, graduates are even more competitive in the job market for management level positions.
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