If you want to pursue a master’s degree (or two), then you might wonder what to study. A brief search through Twitter shows that many master’s degree students are immersed in studies that bolster their interests. For some students, though, this may not be the case. Take a look through our list of 50 masters students on Twitter worth following to learn how other students merge their interests with their studies…or not…and to gain some ideas about how you want to pursue your master’s degree(s).

ChicagoBusiness, Marketing and PR Majors

  1. @FizaUK: Located in London, Fiza is a masters student who is majoring in global media and post-national communications.
  2. @kharvari: Tristan is a musician, engineer, and into marketing and promotions at Tree Sound Studios. Also has a BA in psychology and is an entertainment business master’s student at Full Sail.
  3. @kimbooo227: This Bentley graduate student is studying marketing analytics.
  4. @Louiseccrow: Louise is studying advertising and public relations in her masters program at college.
  5. @pauldoussay: This husband and father is a cook and a master’s student in cultural events management.
  6. @Sandgew: This Canadian student is a “media nerd” and is studying organizational communications at the masters level at the University of Ottawa.
  7. @shahpriya: This graduate student is majoring in public relations at NYU.
  8. @ToddLiss: This MBA student is into social media, branding, pop culture, media and marketing.

Print MediaJournalism, Tech, Design and Education Majors

  1. @gaikwad_abhijit: This Twitter user is a graduate student at Rochester Institute of Technology.
  2. @jonnycampbell: Take a side trip to Ireland and follow this masters student who is studying multidisciplinary design in Belfast. Main interests are “conversational media, user experience and purple cows.”
  3. @JustinJONeill: Justin is a print and multimedia journalism student at the master’s level at SU’s Newhouse School. Also a Canadian who loves hockey and other outdoor sports.
  4. @koci: This student is a Ford Foundation Multimedia Fellow at the University of California Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.
  5. @modernmommyblog: This young mother is passionate about advocating for liberty and justice and is pursuing her master’s degree in higher education.
  6. @saraebest: Saraebest is located in Kuwait, where she’s studying technology at the Michigan State campus in that country.
  7. @stiricide: Marissa seems to be stuck in her role as a masters student in mass communications, with “no end in sight.”
  8. @SunaG: Suna is a Web producer and a grad student in communication in digital media.
  9. @thenameisdan: This design student is pursuing a master’s degree that appeals to his love for professional problem solving. He eats, sleeps and designs.
  10. @tigritude: Take a side trip to Barcelona to follow Jennifer, a journalist, editor, filmmaker, travel writer and a master’s degree student.

NursingMedical, Fitness and Health Focuses

  1. @BNeathItAll: Kelly is a physical anthropology master’s student who is trying to live a “healthy and happy life.”
  2. @JennaLS: Jenna has a huge following. She is an Internet marketer who is obtaining her master’s degree in holistic nutrition.
  3. @juffs3: Located in South Africa, this student is conducting master’s-level research into the analysis of Rugby data.
  4. @Lightfooted: Jodie is studying human kinetics for her master’s degree. She’s into strength and conditioning, but she also loves social media.
  5. @nursewendy: Wendy is an intensive care nurse who is working on her master’s degree in women’s health.
  6. @piastrom: Located in Norway, Pia is obtaining her master’s degree in psychiatry and in Greek. She loves adventure games, Sci-fi and has “multiple personalities.”
  7. @SmilingPamela: Pamela is a midwife and a doctor’s wife who is studying to obtain her master’s degree in midwifery.
  8. @ssanquist: Sharon is committed to her master’s degree in social work at the clinical level, and she’s a therapist in training.
  9. @staceysnowboard: This New Jersey student is focused on dentistry in her graduate school experience. She also loves snowboarding.

StudentsOther Majors

  1. @armineinlondon: This masters student is studying international development. Also into photography, adventure and that “big space outside the box.”
  2. @chrisjenkinson: Chris is a masters student at the University of Manchester, studying environmental governance.
  3. @ConorReidy: This master’s student is studying law, and is a “perpetual Internet surfer” as well as located in Ireland.
  4. @NerdyScienceMom: Melissa is a biology grad student, a mother, an administrative assistant and into weight loss.
  5. @PatrickPete: Patrick is a masters student in divinity, and he also is an online entrepreneur and author, diabetic and cancer survivor who has a passion for health and fitness.
  6. @Thurayia: Kameko is an NYU Global Affairs masters student who is all over international relations.
  7. @sentinel47: Tommi is pursuing a master’s degree in urban and regional planning at Virginia Tech to qualify for a job as a city planner.

College DormUnknown Major

  1. @caligater: This grad student is into salsa and ballroom dancing, social entrepreneurship, innovation and…lots of other things.
  2. @Cwellhouser: Christina is a master’s degree student who also is a graduate assistant.
  3. @EvetteWilliams: This master’s student is experienced in public relations, is a writer and politico and a socialite as well.
  4. @FreeFoodatTufts: A poor and hungry grad student at Tufts has made it a mission to share the “cornucopia that is free food on campus.”
  5. @HCMusic: This Cape Town master’s degree student is a lecturer, recording artist and football fanatic.
  6. @iankits: This student is studying for a master’s degree while working as a research assistant in an IT security project in Frankfort, Germany.
  7. @manishmahuja: This master’s-degree student is a “serial entrepreneur in making,” a foodie, blogger, digital evangelist and loves books.
  8. @meretajma: This Australian graduate student also is a senior forum producer for Ark Group. She also is a Beatles/Muse/Kasabian fan.
  9. @net2987: This Korean student is studying at the master’s level. If you follow, it would help if you can converse in Korean.
  10. @NHkaren: This mom, city counselor and political consultant is a Democrat and a master’s student.
  11. @NicholasSauer: This Northwestern University master’s student is a school board member and Cubs fan.
  12. @pasamio: An Australian student who is at the master’s degree level, and also a developer and employee of the USQ library.
  13. @robenslin: Located in London, this master’s student is a social media “nutter,” a digital development and community manager.
  14. @_Romani:This Australian master’s student is an ad writer and idea lover who likes to laugh.
  15. @shee_wanjiku: This Kenyan student is a first-year master’s degree student and a “Manchester United fanatic.”
  16. @trasie: This Canadian master’s degree student is a “radical feminist witch,” a geek, single mom and into non-profit management.

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